Thursday, September 8, 2016

#ThrillerThursday: Death at First Sight #ThriftyThursday

Hold onto your butts! (So sayeth Samuel Jackson in Jurassic Park). Because here is a brand new book by the fabulous Angela Roquet.

This is the second book in the Spero Heights series. If you want to know more about Book 1, Blood Moon, click here)

In Book 2, Death at First Sight, Lia James would give anything to be normal. 
Struck with horrific, daily visions of death isn’t what any sane person would consider gifted. Her only consolation is that Sheriff Saunders, her shady keeper, does what he can to change the outcome of her visions—at least, the ones that might lead to a swanky promotion. 

Christian Delph is not a normal doctor, and his patients’ maladies are not found in the average medical journal. As the head therapist of Orpheus House in Spero Heights, he sees everything—and usually before it happens. The one thing he didn’t see coming was Lia, and all the ways she would turn his fragile world inside out.

Kory's Review

I always enjoy Angela Roquet's books, so no surprise that I enjoyed the latest installment of this urban fantasy series. But there are several aspects in particular that I think were well done here. #1 The tension between Lia and her captor were especially well-drawn. The reader gets a clear sense of her emotional entanglement with this person and right away, we begin rooting for her escape.

#2 1 also love the town dynamic. For fans of Charlaine Harris' Midnight Crossroads series, they will find something similar in Spero Heights. Secrets, the supernatural, and a community that you wish you were part of. Personally, I enjoyed the Spero Heights novels more than the Harris novels. The pacing was better and the characters more intriguing. 

#3 I like the interconnected nature of the books. People we saw in the first book reappear and we get to learn what became of them after the adventures in Blood Moon. I hope the books continue to be interconnected, giving me a greater view of the mythology and history between these interesting people.

It's free for Kindle Unlimited users and $0.99 for the rest of us. Get your copy here.

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