Tuesday, October 11, 2016

A New Lana Harvey Novel. Happy Book Birthday, @AngelaRoquet!

 Happy book birthday, Ms. Roquet! Today the 7th (and final!) novel in the Lana Harvey, Reapers Inc. series was released.

                     Woooo! (It's here!)
                     *Sobs* (Last one? Really?) 

Here's the details for those of you who haven't heard:

Look at this pretty cover! 

The end is nigh...

Lana Harvey is on top of the world—the underworld, that is. With the war fallout tapering off, she finds herself reduced back to mundane soul harvesting. It’s not a fancy gig, and the pay isn’t thrilling, but that hardly matters now that she’s shacking up with her retired demon consort, Beelzebub. 

The afterlives have stabilized, and all seems well, until an average day on the job crosses Lana’s path with not one but two ghosts she thought were long gone. The startling revelation rips open old wounds and sends her on a quest to discover the truth behind her mentor’s mysterious death, and what it could mean for the fate of Eternity

You can get your copy of Hellfire and Brimstone Amazon, Smashwords, or directly from the author!