Monday, November 14, 2016

Aftermath of the 2016 Election #Mondayblog #Mondaymotivation

Dear educators, other community liaisons, and everyone, really:

I teach at a diverse community college, and as a consequence have a diverse student body. Many of my students were pro-Hilary, others pro-Trump. It's no secret to anyone who knows me where I stand, but in service of my students--ALL my students-- I sought to find a way to bring the reality of recent events into sharp focus, regardless of my perspective. More honestly, I was looking for a way to comprehend what is happening.

I fell back on two thoughtful Ted talks.

A Tale of Two Americas: 

And the mini-mart where they collided (19 mins)
My Road Trip Through the Whitest Towns in America (13 mins)

Full disclosure: Neither of these videos take one side or the other, but rather try to bring the issues at hand into clearer focus.
I hope they serve to clarify our situation, to serve as a starting point for the necessary discussions ahead, and to help us think about what needs to be done...

...Because raw emotion will only take us so far. The sooner we decide what work needs to be done, the sooner we'll get to doing it.

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