Wednesday, December 7, 2016

New from New York Times Bestselling Author Rebecca Hamilton

A teen girl with the ability to predict deaths through her drawings shouldn't need to lie constantly to make her life sound interesting. But that doesn't stop Emily from spinning stories faster than she can keep up.

After transferring to a new school, Emily's 'dull' life is shaken by the appearance of a boy who seems unfazed by her far-fetched stories. A too-handsome-for-his-own-good senior, Noah has some secrets of his own. He needs Emily's special gift to save him from Sarah, queen bee of the school's It Girls, whose own supernatural abilities have forced him into a life of silence and solitude.

But when Emily tries to free him from Sarah's voodoo curse, things go belly up, landing Emily on Sarah's hit list. Soon, Emily and Noah are on a collision course with the It Girls, leading to a shocking revelation that ties them together in unimaginable ways. If their powers remain unchecked, this teenage popularity contest could spell the death of them all ...

Romantically charged and eerily chilling, Something Like Voodoo weighs the choice of saving your life versus fighting for a life worth saving. This young adult paranormal romance will put a spell on you.

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"Emily Bishop opens her story with a wild claim that sends the reader hurtling through a tale that explores the allure of dark magic and darker high school cliques, the depths of love and loss and lies, and the consequences of manipulation and madness. FAST-PACED, with a FRESH, CLEAR VOICE, this book casts a spell of its own--get ready to be charmed! ★★★★★
- New York Times bestselling author, Margo Bond Collins

"Hamilton's best work yet. The words leap off the page. FRESHDARK, yet INNOCENT and ALLURING. Must read for all Paranormal Romance lovers." ★★★★★ 
- New York Times bestselling author, Laxmi Hariharan

"Rebecca Hamilton's UNIQUE and POWERFUL story is bound to take the genre by storm! Packed with suspense and mystery that will keep you guessing, every reader who loves young adult paranormal and fantasy will be absorbed by this COMPELLING read." ★★★★★ 
USA Today bestselling author, Rachel McClellan

"Unique, engaging, and so much more than I expected! The author has ... FLAWLESSLY EXECUTED a chilling but magical read for book lovers both young adult and older." ★★★★★
USA Today bestselling author, Gina Kincade

"I blame 'Something Like Voodoo' for my lack of sleep last night. I COULDN'T PUT THIS BOOK DOWN. I hope to read more from Emily and Noah...and soon!" ★★★★★
USA Today bestselling author, Nirina Stone

"The characters were well thought out, the plot, INTRIGUING, very hard to put down (even when it's time to go to bed) and the style, AMAZING. Don't miss it!" ★★★★★
USA Today bestselling author, May Sage


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