Saturday, January 14, 2017

Before the Prices Rise...

I value every single fan that I have. So as you can imagine, it was really hard to decide how to launch my new series, Shadows in the Water. I wanted to honor all the people who'd supported me this far (thank you die-hard Jesse fans!), but I also needed to access to the marketing tools that make a new series launch successful.

So I reached a compromise.

Shadows in the Water is available to PREORDER on iTunes, Kobo, Nook, and elsewhere. This is so my long-term fans can have access to the book no matter what kind of reading device they have. It's also just $0.99 as a preorder.

Both the price and the distribution options are for YOU--the fans, because I appreciate everything you've done for me to-date.

Now, that being said, it's easier to launch a book in KU (Kindle Unlimited). I used KU to get Dying for a Living off the ground and I plan to use it for Shadows too.

So I will be REMOVING THE BOOK FROM THE MASS MARKET and ENROLLING IT IN KU upon release. I'll also be raising the price of the book to $3.99 within the first week of the release. This is important for you to note because if you're one of the fans who don't use kindle, it is ABSOLUTELY ESSENTIAL that you preorder. Or maybe you just like a good deal--and $0.99 to $3.99 is quite the jump!  So if you have even the smallest interest in reading Shadows in the Water, please, please, please, preorder your copy now.

Because on February 7, 2017--everything changes.

Louie Thorne was born with a dangerous gift and a reason to fear the darkness. But when her parents are murdered by the mafia, embracing her power is the only way to exact her revenge. She will destroy the men who destroyed her family—no matter the cost.

Robert King may be a retired agent, but he knows trouble when he sees it. First, his old partner returns with a case. Then an old flame begs a favor. By the time Louie enters the picture, King will be lucky if he survives the night.

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