Thursday, February 9, 2017

5 #Books for less than $1 #reading #giveaway

Thank you to everyone who helped the Shadows in the Water launch become so successful. The book peaked at #7 on the crime fiction lists for vigilante justice and organized crime. And #11 in supernatural suspense/thriller list. Couldn't have done it without YOU.

For those interested, but not yet committed to the new series, heads up! This is the last day to get your copy of Shadows in the Water for the discount price of $0.99. Find yours here.

Already tore through your copy of Shadows? Leave a much appreciated review here.

I want to also thank everyone who came to the Facebook party, too, especially my winners: Lynn Lesher, Jessica Nathan, Lisa Beck, and Shannon Tusler.
If you couldn't make the party, or did but didn't win the giveaway, there are currently TWO giveaways for 3 signed paperback copies of Shadows in the Water:

A goodreads giveaway for 2 signed paperbacks
The Story Behind the Story video on a blog I love, I Smell Sheep, on which I'm also giving away another signed paperback.

So three signed paperbacks in total. Good luck!

Other Great Reads

The last thing Lex Trenton wants to do with her night is track down an escaped slave at the behest of an incubus. A dangerous, powerful, seductive incubus. But if she doesn’t drag her butt down to Sheol and find the slave, someone else will. And that someone will drag the abused woman back to her sadistic master.

Lex won’t let that happen. Her brother taught her right.

With no help from her overprotective partner, and her body betraying her every time her new client is near, can Lex maneuver through the dense, complicated politics of Sheol without pissing off every demon in power and losing her own head?

A wizard, a curse, a fated love…

When Rolf finally discovers the woman who can end the curse that has plagued his family for centuries, she is already betrothed. Time is running out for the royal wizard of King Henry II. If he cannot find true love without the use of magic, his line will end. 

Melissa is intrigued by the mystical, handsome man who haunts her by night and tempts her by day. His bizarre tale of Merlin, enchantments, and finding genuine love has her questioning his sanity and her heart. 

From the moment Melissa stepped from his dreams and into his arms, Rolf knew she was his destiny. Now, he will not only battle against time and a powerful duke, but defy his king and the gods to save her. 

A psychotic ginger vampire. A demonic rooster horse. The Brothers Grimm. Against one wizard with authority issues.

Grimm's Fairy Tales is not the collection of innocent bedtime stories Nate assumed, but is instead the keys to a veritable prison housing the most dangerous, bloodthirsty hit men of the supernatural community. And now the gates are open. Nate must find a way to lock them back up and hide the book forever before the supernatural community at large gets annihilated.

Fifteen years ago, they lost each other. Can they find their way back together now?

When they were teens, James Pearson and Michael Hawthorne had been lovers.
But James left their hometown to study archeology. Michael planned to do the same, but life got in the way. 
Now Michael spends his days guiding tourists through the ruins of the ancient buildings of the Hohokam; not knowing that James, now Dr. Pearson, just came back to Arizona to work at the same museum. 

They once shared a love story, but can they find it again and rekindle its flames? Flames that are strong enough to burn through a fifteen-year-old gap?