Friday, March 3, 2017

Like Music To My Ears #fridayreads #audible

It's here! Thank you for your patience Jesse fans, but it is here at long last! Dying Breath is available on audiobook. So here's your long awaited copy of Dying Breath!

Somewhere else in the series?

No worries. Here are the links to all the Jesse Sullivan death replacement agent audiobooks for your convenience. Note: Audible and Amazon price match if you've bought the ebook. So if you already have the ebook, the audiobook is just $1.99.

Dying for a Living (Book 1)
Dying by the Hour (Book 2)
Dying for Her: A Companion Novel (Book 3)

Dying Light (Book 4)
Worth Dying For (Book 5)
Dying Breath (Book 6)

And for those of you who are Audible members mindful of your credits, you can download the Books 1-3 boxset, getting three audiobooks for only one credit.

I'm currently hosting a giveaway for my latest novel, Shadows in the Water. Please enter if you haven't already. All "losers" receive two free books anyway!

Already read Shadows in the Water?  PLEASE leave a much-appreciated review on Amazon or Goodreads.

Other Great Reads

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