Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Dead Lake: A Review #amreading #kindle

Keep the door locked...

Sam is excited to spend a week at her uncle's remote lake cabin. It's a chance for her to focus on her art without distractions: no neighbors, no phone, and a small radio as her only contact with the outside world.

But there's something deeply unnatural lingering in the lake.

The radio's news reports talk about disappearances on a nearby hiking trail. The car won't start. And Sam starts to believe she's being stalked when she catches glimpses of a tall, strange man standing at the end of her dock, staring intently into the swirling waters below...

"A beautiful marriage of supernatural to a terrifying scenario... if you enjoy a suspenseful, frightening horror story, then Dead Lake is most definitely for you." -Twisted Book Junkie

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Kory's Thoughts

I discovered this book through The Cover Collection's website, where I got the cover for my latest novel Shadows in the Water. I was drawn to it because I was a little envious that I hadn't snapped up this cover for myself from the designers' excellent selection. I followed the cover to the Amazon page, read the description and was in just the right mood for a supernatural thriller.

I liked Sam's character development and her emotional struggles as an artist dealing with her mother's death. I also really enjoyed the atmosphere and description of the lake. It had a very Stephen King feel to it and we all know he is my favorite of favorite authors. I think the book succeeds in atmosphere and (mostly) in plot. However, there were just a couple of moments where I felt like it had dipped into cliche or contrived moments. The ending in particular felt a little "tidy" and "undeserved" to me. But maybe that's just me. In general it has good reviews and many readers seem to like it.

Overall, I enjoyed the story and I would recommend it to anyone who wants a quick read. 

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