Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Two #giveaways ending now

This awesome $100 Amazon gift card giveaway is ending in less than 48 hours. 

So if you haven't entered to win yet, it's now or never. Find more info ➜ here.

And while you're hanging around trying your luck at free stuff, why not enter my giveaway below? I'm giving out 5 free audiobooks to five lucky winners! If the widget below isn't your bag, you can also find the giveaway here.

Good luck, everyone!

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Monday, November 27, 2017

Two Vacancies - Advanced Reader Team #amreading

One of the best things I did this year was set up Kory's Reader Army.

It is critically important to get reviews on new books as soon as they launch. You probably weigh reviews highly when making a decision whether to try a new author or rely on an old favorite - I know that I do.

Apart from helping to persuade people to give a new writer a shot, reviews help drive early sales which, in turn, means that Amazon takes notice and starts to market on my behalf. And no one markets books better than Amazon.

In order to make that happen, I have a small team of Advance Readers. It's pretty simple and is, I hope, good fun.

It involves them being sent a copy of whatever book I've just finished and then, when it is published, firing up a quick and honest review. Simple as that.

Some members of the team have picked up errors that I've been able to correct and others have suggested changes to the plot that I have incorporated.

Apart from getting a copy of the book before anyone else, I try and say thanks with some nice bonuses.

In some circumstances, it's free bonus material. Or I offer signed paperbacks or free audiobooks. At the very least I list their names in the acknowledgments section in the back of the book, publicly thanking them for their help.

Why am I telling you all this? Because there are a couple of vacancies at the moment.

So if you are a fan of my work and you want to help other readers discover and enjoy my books, please email me at kory.m.shrum@gmail.com and let me know that you'd like to be added to my Advanced Readers list. 

Friday, November 24, 2017

5 books for less than $5 #fridayreads

Dominion Rising is the science fiction and fantasy boxed set of the year, launching to #4 on the Wall Street Journal and #14 on the USA Today bestseller lists. Available only until December 2017, the limited edition set features 23 all-new books by the some of most accomplished names in contemporary speculative fiction. 23 novels for $3.99 ➜  here

While vacationing in the South of France, ​a librarian is pushed from a cliff and ​into​ ​the body of ​​a 19th-century princess ​destined to be murdered. Can this ​resourceful ​librarian ​​hunt down someone who isn't killing by the book​ ​or will she ​be ​checked out for good?Sophia Marcil loves her grandmother's twisted tales almost as much as the sapphire ring passed down to her. Wearing it, however, could be her downfall. After slipping the jewel onto her finger she is pushed from a cliff--landing splat in the middle of 19th Century Monaco, where a killer plot to seize the throne could consume her entire future--past and present. Sophia believes she's being forced into an eccentric millionaire's dinner theatre but a hidden diary, a secret passage and a whispered conversation reveal to her that the role of a princess is not all fun and games. With the help of a man from outside the palace walls, Sophia undertakes a spellbinding journey straight out of a Grimm tale. Learning the gem's secrets and the powerful curse behind it are only the beginning. With time and the constant threat of death hanging over her, she must take a page out of her own history to hunt down someone who isn't killing by the book. Just $2.99 ➜ here

She doesn't age. 
She doesn't die. She can transform at will into a deadly beast.

But her immortality comes at a high price: she must kill to maintain her sanity, or else risk flying into a bloodthirsty rage. 

Establishing herself as an assassin for hire, she only accepts contracts for targets who deserve to die. Her system works to keep the bloodlust at bay. Until she is hired for the grandest job yet. 

Easy is a city overrun with violent, powerful gangs in post World War 3 America. Her contract is anything but easy: clean up the city and make it safe for civilians again. To accomplish this goal, she will have to turn the gangs against each other, while struggling to control her bloodlust … and her attraction to the sociopathic second-in-command of the most vicious gang in town. 

Learn more ➜ here

Enter the labyrinth of Legends and Lore and meet a host of notorious beings that will change the way you view the mythological world.

You know the names but you don’t know the incredible stories behind them. Minotaurs, descendants of monsters, demi-gods, and fantastic creatures, are just a few of the characters contained within these pages.
The Legends and Lore boxed set hosts an incredible 23 multi-genre stories featuring your favorite legends. With by NYT and USA Today bestselling authors! Just $0.99 ➜ here

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Thanksgiving sale! #blackfriday

Happy Thanksgiving! I'm grateful for my readers and that's why I'm having a Thanksgiving sale for my two series starters. The Dying for a Living boxset and Shadows in the Water are both $0.99 for the Thanksgiving weekend. Enjoy! :)

Find your preferred retailer for the Dying for a Living boxset ➜ here.

Find your preferred retailer for the Shadows in the Water ➜ here.

Monday, November 20, 2017

Last call! #goodreads #giveaway

If you haven't already, you're running out of time to enter my goodreads giveaway. I'm giving away a signed copy of Dying Day to one lucky winner. If you Goodreads, and you're in the US, UK, CA, or AU, enter my giveaway now.

Bonus! I'm also hosting this audiobook giveaway. Interact with the rafflecopter below for your chance to win:

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Friday, November 17, 2017

#Audible audiobook giveaway 5 lucky winners

I know some of you are patiently waiting for the arrival of the Dying Day audiobook.
Good news!

The fabulous Hollie Jackson is hard at work on our epic finale AS WE SPEAK! We're hoping to wrap up production this month and get the final book into your precious little early sometime in December.

In the meantime, appreciate this gorgeous cover (above). Or if you haven't caught up on series and have Audible credits to burn, feel free to check out the other Dying for a Living titles available on Amazon, Audible, and iTunes.

Dying for a Living here

Dying by the Hour here
Dying for Her: A Companion Novel here
Dying Light here
Worth Dying For here
Dying Breath here
Dying Day here

And don't forget to enter my AUDIOBOOK GIVEAWAY ➜ here

Or interact with the rafflecopter below.
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Tuesday, November 14, 2017

#Tuesdaybookblog: It's Here! Charley Davidson No.12 is OUT NOW! Congrats, @Darynda

The Trouble with Twelfth Grave is finally here! I'm so excited for this latest installment in the Charley Davidson series written by the amazing sweetheart, Darynda Jones. If you aren't familiar with this series, you're really missing out. I would suggest starting with First Grave on the Right, of course, and binge your way to this penultimate conclusion (as I hear this is the second to last in the series). 

Or if you prefer audiobook, Lorelei King does an amazing job! You may recognize her voice from the equally funny Stephanie Plum series --she's one of my favorite audiobook narrators! 

Anyway, enough of my prattle. Here's the description of the book:

Grim Reaper Charley Davidson is back in the twelfth installment of Darynda Jones’ New York Times bestselling paranormal series, The Trouble with Twelfth Grave.
Ever since Reyes Farrow escaped from a hell dimension in which Charley Davidson accidentally trapped him, the son of Satan has been brimstone-bent on destroying the world his heavenly Brother created. His volatile tendencies have put Charley in a bit of a pickle. But that’s not the only briny vegetable on her plate. While trying to domesticate the feral being that used to be her husband, she also has to deal with her everyday life of annoying all manner of beings—some corporeal, some not so much—as she struggles to right the wrongs of society. Only this time she’s not uncovering a murder. This time she’s covering one up.
Add to that her new occupation of keeping a startup PI venture—the indomitable mystery-solving team of Amber Kowalski and Quentin Rutherford—out of trouble and dealing with the Vatican’s inquiries into her beloved daughter, and Charley is on the brink of throwing in the towel and becoming a professional shopper. Or possibly a live mannequin. But when someone starts attacking humans who are sensitive to the supernatural world, Charley knows it’s time to let loose her razor-sharp claws. Then again, her number one suspect is the dark entity she’s loved for centuries. So the question becomes: Can she tame the unruly beast before it destroys everything she’s worked so hard to protect?


So what are you waiting for? Get your copy of this awesome book hot from the press at your preferred retailer today:

Monday, November 13, 2017

#Mondayblogs: Thank you for letting me do what I do (and a giveaway)

First of all, thank you so much to everyone who made the release of Dying Day such a great success! I couldn't have done it without you. Literally. But also your support means that you enjoy what I'm doing and you want it to continue -- and that means more to me than you can possibly know! So truly, thank you!
If you haven't gotten around to picking up your copy of Dying Day yet (as life tends to happen) here are those links for your convenience. 

➜ Amazon
BN Nook
➜ iTunes
➜ Kobo

Here's to us and many more fruitful writer-reader years ahead of us! *clink*

In the meantime, don't forget to enter my giveaway. 5 free audiobooks to five lucky winners! (Just a little thank you from me to you!)

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Friday, November 10, 2017

Last call for the special edition cover #Fridayreads

As many of you know, my Dying for a Living series recently got a facelift with new covers. However, because I know many of you have paperbacks in the original style, John K. Addis, the designer, was gracious enough to complete the set with an original cover.

So for those of you who want to complete your original set of the Dying for a Living series, here is your chance! I will be changing the covers to the new style Monday morning.

And in case you are a bit of a procrastinator, I've also made Book 5, Worth Dying Forand Book 6, Dying Breath, available in the original style.

So get your paperback copy of Dying Day and commemorate the awesome ride!

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

#Tuesdaybookblog Blood in the Water - Review of Blood Vice 3 - Spoiler Free

Blood in the Water, the third installment of Blood Vice is an awesome addition to the series. It has all the things I love about Roquet's writing: campy humor, wonderfully lovable characters, tension, suspense and some great kissing. 

If you're a fan of urban fantasy giants like early Anita Blake novels and Chloe Neill and want to find some new vampires worth cuddling up to, you should definitely check this series out. I promise you won't be disappointed. The writing was clean, fresh, and impressive. I guarantee that if you read this, you'll immediately be preordering #4 - Blood Dolls - just like I did.

So get yours:

Barnes and Noble

Monday, November 6, 2017

International #Goodreads giveaway! Win a signed copy of Dying Day!

In celebration of my recent release and epic conclusion to my fantasy series, I'm giving away a signed copy of Dying Day to one lucky winner. If you Goodreads, and you're in the US, UK, CA, or AU....then you're qualified!

So what are you waiting for?

Enter my giveaway now.

Friday, November 3, 2017

SFF Book Bonanza #giveaway

What's better than discovering awesome science fiction and fantasy authors and binge reading your little heart out?

Why, winning a $100 Amazon gift card of course! Follow some authors on Bookbub and you're in the running. That's it!

So learn all about how you can get your hands on fantastic SFF fiction and enter for your chance to win here.

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Start Your Engines #nanowrimo begins!

I just wanted to wish all the National Novel Writing Month participants good luck this month! 50,000 words in 30 days - you can do it! 

Don't forget to check out the NaNoWriMo website for tips and tricks to getting started and their fun YouTube playlist for tips to help you improve your craft.

Need more? Here are three articles from ProWriting Aid to get you started:

Triumphing at NaNoWriMo

Six Tried and True Methods for Writing a Novel

4 Plot Pitfalls You Need to Avoid

If you have a fun idea you're exploring this month, or want a random writing prompt to get you started, comment below.

Good luck, everyone!  Dream big!