Saturday, January 13, 2018

How you can get more books for less $ #amreading

Hi everyone,

I received a lot of positive feedback from fans thanking me for creating the Dying for a Living Boxset Volume 1, as a way for people to get multiple books for a lower price.

To keep the fun going, I've done it again! Here is a boxset (which I'm appropriately calling Dying for a Living Boxset Volume 2) with four books inside. Individually, the books come to $15.96. But the bundle is much cheaper than that (Retail $9.99).

However, until the release (Tuesday, January 16), the special preorder price is just $4.99. That's $1.25 a book--and then you can find out how the series ends! :)

Hope you enjoy the bundle and it brings you many hours of fun fantasy reading.

Until next time!


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