Friday, January 26, 2018

Welcome to Castle Cove #comingsoon #fridayreads

Hi everyone! 

I know it's been a minute since I posted anything fun on the blog and I'm sorry about that! 

First it was the holidays and now it's because I'm hard at work writing the next adventure for you. In addition to working on the next Shadows book (titled: Under the Bones) I'm working on a new series, focusing a special supernatural town that you can only find by "invitation."

Better yet, it's a Choose Your Own Adventure book (but not using CYOA for trademark reasons). 

Here is an excerpt:

     Someone screams.
     My heart rockets in my chest, flooding my limbs with adrenaline. I sit bolt upright on the sofa, coming out of the doze.
     For a moment, all I can do it sit there, in the dim light of my living room, wondering if maybe someone just saw a spider in the adjacent apartment, or if I’m hearing the television a floor below.
     I sit very still, as if my movement would scare away the noise.
     The scream comes again. It’s high, frightened and definitely a woman. And definitely from the street below.
      It's a sharp, bone-rattling scream full of unmistakable pain. Whoever she is, she is frightened and hurting and in need of help.

-Get up and investigate
-Call the police

     So this is just a taste obviously, but I was hoping you guys could help me decide on a name for the series. Welcome to Castle Cove is the title of the first book, no worries there. But I'm having a hard time picking the subtitle.

     It needs to convey the interactive aspect of the novels - the fact that the reader is picking the direction of the story themselves... and that several stories are possible. Some subtitles I've included are:

 - Design Your Destiny
 - Down a Dark Path
 - Choose Your Curse
 - Pick Your Potion
 - Fate or Fortune

     I've listed all the options I could think of and I'll hope you'll let me know in the comments below if you like any of these. And if you have a good one, I hope you'll throw it in too! Again, remember that Choose Your Own Adventure (and perhaps others) are trademarked, and therefore unusable.

So happy to have you be part of this! 



  1. I like Down a Dark Path of your suggestions. Poison or Potion might work well?

  2. Would suggest reading Your Way or Roleplay Your Story?

  3. Where do I sign up for this blog?

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